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Welcome to our blog, a place where we can share information to help inform you on matters regarding having professional websites. Be sure to check in to our blog to stay up to date with any information you could use to guide you in the development and success of your businesses having profession websites. Topics include understanding the importance of SEO, the benefits of google analytics, as well as any other things we think you may find helpful or interesting.

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Lenovo Computers Review

Lenovo computers review: In this Lenovo computers review we discuss Lenovo Computers formerly known as IBM, which are among top 3 computer manufactures and very well positioned in budget computing segment, infact it has always beaten its rivals i.e. Dell, HP, Acer &...

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Ethics in Business

Find out about ethics in business In accordance with Fieser, (2010) when business people talk about "ethics in business" , their means is one of the three things that can be named three A: Avoid violation the illegal law in one's work-related activity Avoid act which...

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How many types of Computers are there?

How many types of computers are there?   Computers have become a very important part in our daily lives. With the advancement of technology, the computers are also becoming more and more advanced. How many types of computers are there ? Now, there are various types of...

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The Benefits of Web Design

  Benefits of web design The benefits of  web design bring endless possibilities your way. Having a website designed and submitted to the internet depend on the nature of your business; and to the extent of which you choose to utilise the technology available to you....

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New age of Internet

Welcome to the new age of internet The New age of internet is here. Technology is changing every day, and it is changing with the speed of our lives. The entire world is now dependent on the speed of  Internet and seeking new technology. This is the New age of...

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enhancing e-businesses with Digital Marketing

Enhancing your e-business: Mar 02, 2016 • By nathaniel •  Digital Marketing: Changing the Face of Your Business! It was an exploration of Denver SEO Companies that made me launch on the analysis of  the importance of Digital Marketing and it's role in enhancing...

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Interesting statistics on the importance of SEO

SEO - Search engine optimisation statistics Some people may think that SEO is not  important anymore. These SEO statistics prove otherwise. Whether you don’t understand SEO, or don’t want to,  it’s very difficult to ignore the value  that SEO can bring to a website...

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Mobile responsive website… how important is it?

Responsive web design, why is it so important? Did you realise that websites get penalised by Google if they are not mobile responsive? As mentioned on my website, Google has changed their requirements to rank responsive websites more highly that non mobile responsive...

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