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Welcome to our blog, a place where we can share information to help inform you on matters regarding having professional websites. Be sure to check in to our blog to stay up to date with any information you could use to guide you in the development and success of your businesses having profession websites. Topics include understanding the importance of SEO, the benefits of google analytics, as well as any other things we think you may find helpful or interesting.

What Is A Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website seamlessly adapts itself to whichever device it is being viewed from. Google wants you to mobilize your website. Google has updated its algorithm to increase rankings for mobile responsive websites.  This means that websites with mobile...

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Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business

It cannot be denied that social media is now growing at top speed. If you are a business owner and you don’t tap into the power of social media to grow your business, then you are missing a lot of amazing things. There are many good reasons why social media is...

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SSL Is No Longer An Option

Starting with the release of Chrome 62, Google will mark any website with an insecure form as “Not Secure”. If you haven’t added SSL to your website, you may want to—an important deadline is coming up. Starting in October with the release of Chrome 62, Google will be...

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Three Year SSL Certificates To Be Discontinued

As of March 1, 2018, three-year SSL certificates will be discontinued. The new maximum lifespan will be two years. This is a CA/B Forum decision, not ours. Encryption technology is evolving daily. Short lifespans mean less time between updates, which is safer. The...

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The High Importance of Keywords for PPC

When you use Google to search for something, you type words into the search box to find out about it. Google returns results relevant to the words in the search box. For businesses that want ads to show up on the result page have to bid on that word (keyword). For...

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