If my business is small, do i need a website?

“If my business is small, do i need a website?” is a good question, one that has been asked a few times and in this video you will see exactly why you need to be online no matter how small your business might be.

Here are the ten of the most common questions and concerns small business owners posed about getting a website.

  1. Does my company really need a web site?
  2. What is the cost involved?
  3. I already have a web page on someone else’s website. Why do I need two?
  4. I don’t sell merchandise on-line. Why would I need a web site?
  5. I don’t even use a computer. I can’t maintain a web site.
  6. Our customers like the personal touch and most aren’t computer users.
  7. I have a cousin who can make web sites. I’ve promised him that he can do ours.
  8. Our upcoming advertising commitments will use all our marketing money.
  9. A website seems so sterile and impersonal. It won’t add to “our kind” of customer base that was built on personal relationship.
  10. I wouldn’t know what to do with a web site if I had one.

A website is a marketing tool that costs you ONE TIME and continues to pay you back. It expands your customer base, enhances your advertising and marketing efforts and gives your business a mark of credibility. A website at its basic level can reach millions of Internet users.

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Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fvplJqfFr8