Our Terms And Conditions

Website Services Terms and Conditions:

Acceptance of quotation and payment of deposit will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Additional functionality, pages or changes to images may be billable. All content must be supplied (proofed and checked by yourselves) in a ready to use format. Each site designed by us will be allowed 2 stages of review:

First review straight after the website is completed
Second review on the changes made after the first review.

Changes requested after the second review will be billable. You have 7 days to do a full first review on your site. Please note that after 7 days with no feedback we will issue final invoice.
You have 7 days to do a second review ONLY on the changes made after the first review, after 7 days we will issue final invoice. (with or without feedback).

50% of quote is payable before commencing of website creation. Remainder is payable prior to the website being made live/published.

Commencement of Work:

Work will commence only when all content, imagery and the design brief are received and 50% (non-refundable) deposit is remitted.

Final invoice will be issued once the job has been completed.

Supply of Materials:

You must supply all materials and information required by us to complete the work in up front. Such materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, written copy, logos and other printed material. Where there is any delay in supplying these materials to us which leads to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines by a reasonable amount.

Where you fail to supply materials, and that prevents the progress of the work, we have the right to invoice you for any part or parts of the work already completed.

Please check all text provided very carefully, as spelling and typographic corrections will be done at our hourly rate.

Additional Costs / Charges:

If more work is added while the project is underway, then this will be quoted and invoiced separately (payable upon invoice)

After each set of changes, the client has 5 working days to check the site and reply with changes.
This is to schedule time effectively as we need to consider other clients’ deadlines too

If the project is paused for longer than 2 weeks or no feedback is received for this amount of time, we reserve the right to charge a minimum additional continuation fee of R1000 or 10% (whichever is greater) before work re-commences. This is to recoup administrative costs, file management, job re-acclimatisation, time re-scheduling and lost wages due to deadline shifts.

Balance of Payment:

(a) The Client is required to e-mail or fax the Proof of Payment to info@limelitedesign.co.za, which will be reciprocated with a Statement, allocating payment to said Invoice, to the Client, when said funds are confirmed by Limelite Web Designs.
(b) All work remains the property of Limelite Web Designs until the full and final payment is received.

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