Responsive web design, why is it so important?

Did you realise that websites get penalised by Google if they are not mobile responsive?

As mentioned on my website, Google has changed their requirements to rank responsive websites more highly that non mobile responsive websites.  That could have a huge impact on your sites traffic.

Besides Googles influence,  its a fact that many internet surfers most often leave a website in frustration due to their user experience being, lets just say…  annoying. Pinch, scroll left, scroll right, zoom.  I myself am an avid internet surfer,  and have done so on many occasions.

I’m sure all businesses out there would like all the effort and money put into their websites, to have a positive effect on prospective customers. It is after all most often a businesses first contact with their customers.

So, my advice to you, is to take the extra step to secure your websites standing in the competitive land of the internet.


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